6th Judicial District Court

The District Court has original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters not vested exclusively in another court. Most Judicial District Court cases are heard by juries.

The following Judges preside over the Madison Parish 6th Judicial District Court:

  • Hon. Michael E. Lancaster - Division A
  • Hon. Laurie Reis Briser - Division B

Madison Parish Courthouse
100 North Cedar Street
Tallulah LA 71282madison parish la courthouse
Phone: 318-574-0655

District Attorney - 6th Judicial District

  • James E. Paxton

​Madison Parish Office
PO Box 1389
501 East Green Street
Tallulah, LA  71282
Phone:  (318) 574-1706
Fax:  (318) 574-0904

Justice of the Peace Courts

Justices of the Peace have judicial authority of a district, can perform marriage ceremonies, have jurisdiction in civil matters when the amount is in dispute does not exceed $5,000. They do not have jurisdiction when a real estate title is involved, when the defendant is the state or other political subdivision, successions or probate matters. Justices of the Peace are elected to service six year terms.

Constables carry out the orders of the Justice of the Peace Court which includes, serving citations, evictions enforcement and garnishments enforcement. Constables are elected to service six year terms.

1 & 3 Kathy Grady
414 East Bear Lake Road
Tallulah LA 71282-7041
Phone: 318-341-0667
Charles Roberson, Jr.
224 Hwy. 602 
Tallulah LA 71282
Phone: 318-574-2248
2 Randall "Randy" Chapman
326 Earl Road
Delhi LA 71232-4220
Phone: 318-878-3963
Cheryl Winstead
104 Homestead Rd
Tallulah LA 71282
Phone: 318-434-1603
4, 5 & 6 Andrew Claxton
1301 West Craig Street
Tallulah LA 71282-2113
Phone: 318-574-2286
Tommy Watson, Sr.
608 Ethel St
Tallulah LA 71282
Phone: 318-341-7785
7 & 8 Diane Rash
1401 Louisiana Street
Tallulah LA 71282-5315
Phone: 318-341-7762
Gene Cox
100 Magnolia Street
Tallulah LA 71282