Police Jurors

The Madison Parish Police Jury is the governing body of the parish, establishing goals and objectives to direct the parish's growth and development, and carries out other responsibilities as set forth by Louisiana statutes.  Jurors are elected from each of the five districts in the parish to serve a four-year term.  The Jury oversees parish operations and enacts ordinances and resolutions to promote the health, safety, and welfare of citizens and businesses in the parish, and approves the annual budget and millage rate which funds the operations of the offices and departments under the Jury's jurisdiction.


The Madison Parish Policy Jurors are:

  • District 1 - Jerry Hicks
  • District 2 - Stanley Ogden
  • District 3 - Dave Wilson, III
  • District 4 -  Johnny Hughes- Vice President
  • District 5 - Jane Sanders - President

Madison Parish Police Jury Minutes

Margarett Dew - Secretary/Treasurer

100 North Cedar Street
Tallulah LA 71282
Phone: 318-574-3451
Fax: 318-574-3122

Email: msmith_mppj@bellsouth.net